Life Groups are the current primary discipleship strategy for Coastal Oaks Church built to engage people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and facilitate personal spiritual growth toward becoming a disciple-maker.  Coastal Oaks Church is taking intentional steps these days toward becoming a Church that equips believers, no matter their age or spiritual background, with the Word of God through accountable relationships empowered by the Holy Spirit to replicate faithful followers of Jesus. This is our sole focus and our greatest joy as an extension of Jesus' kingdom here in south Texas!

Life Groups meet weekly in order to foster community and encourage personal Bible study, exploring and applying the text/passage from the sermon of the previous Sunday. Leaders and participants are encouraged to invite new people, freely sharing and growing as you walk through life together. Life Groups are for everyone at all stages on the Disciples' Path - new believers, struggling believers, and seasoned believers, young, old, and in between.

Below is a listing of Life Groups currently meeting. Please reach out to any of the group leaders listed for address information and to let that leader know to expect you soon!


      Alternate Calendar  Sundays  |  Clock  9:45 AM

      Alternate Map Marker  Coastal Oaks Life Center

      Led by Ken & Argie Beck

      Description: Co-Ed 55+ Adults

    • Hill Group

      Alternate Calendar Sundays |  Clock  9:45 AM

      Alternate Map Marker  Coastal Oaks Life Center

      Led by Shawn and Dee Ann Hill

      Description: 40+



      Alternate Calendar Sundays |  Clock  9:45 AM

      Alternate Map Marker  Coastal Oaks Life Center

      Led by Charles Cochran

      Description: Co-Ed 55+ Adults

    • Ladies' Life GROUP

      Alternate Calendar Sundays  |  Clock  9:45 AM

      Alternate Map Marker  Coastal Oaks Life Center

      Led by Amber Irving

      Description: Adult Women

    • Allen Group

      Alternate Calendar Tuesdays  |  Clock  10AM

      Coastal Oaks Church - On Site

      Led by Mary Allen

      Description: Senior Women


      Alternate Calendar Tuesdays  |  Clock  6 PM

      Caddick Home

      Led by Rick & Yolanda Caddick;

      Scott Ramey

      Description: Co-Ed Adults

    • Loveless Group

      Alternate Calendar Mondays  |  Clock  6:30 PM

      Loveless Home

      Led by Steve & Linda Loveless

      Description: Co-Ed Adults

    • Chupe GROUP

      Alternate Calendar Tuesdays  |  Clock  7:00PM

      Alternate Map Marker  Coastal Oaks - On Site

      Led by Dennis Chupe

      Description: 1st Responders & Medical Personnel

    • Brotzman GROUP

      Alternate Calendar Thursdays  |  Clock  6 PM

      Coastal Oaks Church - On Site

      Led by Laura Brotzman

      Description:  Women

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