Pastor Search

This page is designed specifically for our ministry partners and is all about the pastor search process here at Coastal Oaks Church.


Our Pastor Search Team was appointed in July 2020 to search out and eventually recommend to the next Senior Pastor here at Coastal Oaks Church. We humbly ask our church partners to pray regularly for this team by name for the task they have agreed to take on for the sake of the Gospel in Aransas County and for the Coastal Oaks family at large.

  • Mike SOto (Chairman)

  • Dee Ann Hill (Secretary)

  • Tim Walker

  • Nicole Gilmore

  • Billy MCDonnel

  • Sandi Ridgley (Alt)

Updates For Church Partners

Hi there, Coastal Oaks friends and ministry partners! This page is the spot to find the most current information and updates pertaining to the Senior Pastor opening. All updates are coming from the Transition Team put in place to provide guidance and leadership through our season of pastoral transition, consisting of a mix of staff and ministry team leaders.

If you have questions for the Transition Team, please feel free to contact us via email at

(Pastoral Applicants, go here.)



The PST officially posted the job opening with both our State convention and another church jobs website and resumes are being received until 12/15. Interested applicants can check the SBTC's Next Steps database for info and directions on how to apply.


After a couple of weeks of introductory meetings, the Pastor Search Team put the finishing touches on a digital survey that will be published on 9/11 in order to get feedback from the Coastal Oaks Church family on some things concerning our next Senior Pastor. This survey will be live on this page ("Pastoral Profile Survey" above) until 4pm on 9/28. If you are a Coastal Oaks ministry partner, please consider submitting your feedback to the PST.


Coastal Oaks Church officially appointed our Pastor Search Team in special called business meetings at the end of each weekend worship gathering today. It was a great day of celebrating the Lord's provision and protection to this point in our season of pastoral transition. Team members appointed are as follows: Nicole Gilmore, Dee Ann Hill, Michael Soto, Larry Stewart, Tim Walker, Billy McDonnel (alt), and Sandi Ridgley (alt).


The Transition Team met yesterday evening to pray and finalize the list of nominees who are eligible to go on the final ballot. In that meeting the team completed that task and all nominees going on the final ballot have been notified accordingly. This same team also made the decision to go through the final selection process by mail, just like with the first round of nominations. Today, the Transition Team mailed voting instructions and a ballot to all verified ministry partners in order to complete the Pastor Search team selection process.

With the uncertainty of the COVID19 crisis still upon us in Aransas County we were unsure that we would be able to host our next quarterly business meeting on 7/19, as originally planned, to elect this team. Voting by mail allows this process to move forward through the uncertainty and also allows the opportunity to ensure all verified ministry partners at Coastal Oaks get a chance to vote.

So, they will surely take a couple of days to get to you, church family, but be on the look out for mail from the Transition Team with voting instructions and your ballot. All ballots should be returned in person or by mail no later than 7/22.

The next step after selection is to make this team official in a called business meeting. As of today, that will happen at the end of each worship gathering on 7/26. After being officially elected by church action, the Pastor Search Team will be trained on 8/02 by a representative from our State convention, the SBTC.



The Coastal Oaks Transition Team met on this date to start working through the nominations that were submitted by the published deadline of 6/22. The first round of nominations is now complete and the team will start contacting those who received the most nominations to inquire about the nominee's availability and willingness to serve on the Pastor Search Team (PST) very soon. We are still aiming to be ready to formally elect the PST by secret ballot at our next quarterly business meeting on 7/19 and are excited about the list of nominees submitted by those who participated in this part of the process.

We request that you continue to pray earnestly for the Transition Team as we lead through this season of pastoral transition.



Please have your Pastor Search Team nominations returned to the church office by end of business on this date.



Your Transition Team met to pray and plan, after several weeks worthy of COVID-19 delays, for Pastor Search Team (PST) nominations and decided to pursue the following concerning the nomination process for this team:

  1. This team would create and mail out nomination packets 6/11 to eligible church partners consisting of a welcome letter, a description of the ideal PST member, and a list of all church partners eligible to serve. Mailing packets enables us to ensure all eligible church partners receive a chance to submit nominations without having to call a meeting.
  2. PST nominations should be returned in person to the office, in our offering boxes, or by mail no later than 6/22.
  3. All PST nomination sheets must include the printed name, signature, and date to ensure verification. Nominations which do not include a printed name, signature, and date will be discarded.
  4. Generally speaking, the Transition Team is hoping to have PST nominations wrapped up in time for our next quarterly business meeting on 7/19 where that team will be confirmed/selected.
  5. Training for the newly selected PST will happen sometime after that business meeting on 7/19.