COVID-19 UPdates

We are super grateful for the wisdom and guidance of both Sate and local leaders as we strive toward relaunching responsibly in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis in Aransas County in 2020-2021. Going forward we will continue to promote social distancing, minimal physical contact, frequent hand washing, and recommending masks in all on-site gatherings for anyone ages 10+. Additionally, our facilities will undergo multiple cleanings per week in an effort to create an inhospitable environment for the virus. Additional guidance and information about our efforts is detailed toward the bottom of this page.

At this point we want you to consider the role you play in the Church. still exists under the direction of Christ himself to "go and make disciples," so let me say this clearly. WE NEED YOU to play an active role in the life of Coastal Oaks Church. Yes, COVID is still here. Yes, the Gospel is still THE Good News. Our new reality is ministry in that tension.

Thank you for granting patience and grace as we seek what's best for the long-term health of Coastal Oaks and the greater Rockport-Fulton community. Blessings!

With Great Expectations,

Coastal Oaks Staff and Transition Team

Andy Barlow - Associate Pastor

February 9, 2021

COVID Preparations overview

In this section you will find widely accepted suggestions for staying safe in public gatherings like worship service, along with some detail of what we are doing here at Coastal Oaks Church to maintain a safe in-person worship experience.

  • Masks are strongly recommended for anyone ages 10+ at all on-site gatherings, no matter the size, including office hours.

    • Families should travel to weekend worship together and to sit together.

    • No drinks or snacks will be provided on site at weekend worship. Please make arrangements to bring what you may need and dispose of your trash properly.

    • Anyone of any age who has been ill recently or is currently experiencing COVID symptoms should stay home until 100% well. Those with compromised immunity should do likewise.

    • Bring your own Bible, pen, and note pad.

    • Facilities and meeting spaces are undergoing full cleanings by staff and volunteers multiple times per week.

  • • Masks will be available at each entry point for any guest who comes without and wishes to wear one. Hand sanitizer is also available at each entry and in every restroom.

    • Practice social distancing and refrain from all physical contact - hand shakes, hugs, etc. Instead, use fist or elbow bumps, waving, or smiling + eye contact as a means of greeting others.

    • Leave 1-2 empty chairs between you and those nearest to you.

    • Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer regularly.

    • Observe and respect signs of social distancing in others.

    • If you would like to remove your mask once you find your seat at weekend worship, please feel free to do so.

  • • Seating sections may be dismissed separately to minimize crowding in exits and restrooms at the end of worship.

    • Once dismissed please do not congregate in large groups.

    • Do your best to maintain social distancing even when exiting.

    • Drivers and pedestrians alike, please be watchful in the parking lot.

    • Stay connected via

    FacebookInstagram, or YouTube during the week for news and announcements.